Agriculture Program
This program was established to protect all natural resources located on all trust/restricted properties. This program leases trust/restricted properties for farming and grazing purposes while ensuring the natural resources are protected. This is accomplished by inspecting the properties, writing a conservation plan for the lessee to follow and follow up inspections to ensure compliance. All leases must meet federal guidelines and be approved by the Southern Plains Regional Bureau of Indian Affairs Office.

Appraisal Program
This program which was compacted from the Bureau of Indian Affairs provides funds to obtain appraisals for fair Annual rental, fair market value and trespass appraisals on trust/restricted properties from an independent appraiser. All appraisals received by this office must be approved by the Chief Area Appraiser at the Southern Plains Regional Bureau of Indian Affairs Office.

Real Property Management
This program provides planning, organization and direction within the framework of current law, regulation, policy and procedure as established by Congress,
Department of Interior, Principal Chief and the Business Committee of the Sac and Fox Nation for the use, development and protection of trust and restricted lands of the Sac and Fox Nation. Administers and provide documentation for all types of Sac and Fox land transactions, sales, purchases other acquisitions, exchanges, partitions, patents in fee, rights of way, removals of restrictions, leases and permits for farming and grazing, business leases and other lawful leases. Maintains historical and current ownership title records and files, and shall provide counseling services to individual Indians to aid in disposing of real property through gift deed, sales, or written wills. 

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