Health Information

It is the goal of the Health Information department to provide quality customer service, protecting medical, social, and financial information, promoting confidentiality, preserving and securing health information.

The department manager is a credentialed Registered RHIT.

The Health Information Management which is another name for the Medical Records Department, developed by the American Health Information Management (a national organization).

The HIM department maintains the medical records of all patients registered to the clinic.

The department is responsible for making appointments, checking in patients for an appointment or walk-in, updating, and pulling your chart for the physician.

Keeping your information updated is very important in case we need to contact you about your appointment or lab/x-ray results.

We can assist patients if needed from the medical records. A release of information form will need to be signed by the patients to send/copy information to other requesting health care facilities, physicians and other agencies.

We also have a Benefits Coordinator who will assist you in filing for alternate resources, such as Medicaid or if you qualify for Medicare, also possibly for Veteran’s Benefits, if you do not have any insurance coverage.



It is the goal of the Medical department to provide the best possible health care to our patients.

This department manager is an M.D.

The medical department normally consists of three full time medical providers. These providers all have professional Degrees and postgraduate training, followed by years of experience practicing medicine. Most have a lot of experience in Native American health issues.



It is the goal of the laboratory department to provide quality care, accurate test results, and definitive diagnostic information for our patient population and health care providers.

The department manager is a Registered MLT.
The Lab department performs in-house and send-out labs testing.

The In-House lab is resulted within 1 hour for the convenience of the physicians and patients.

Specialty labs are sent to a reference laboratory and the results are sent back to Black Hawk Health Center via fax when completed. The results are then put into the Electronic Health Record for the physicians.


Behavioral Health

It is the goal of the Behavioral Health Services department to provide quality Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services to the Native population.

The department manager is an MHA.

The staff are licensed and credentialed.

The department encompasses a broad area of mental health and substance abuse services. All services are provided on an outpatient basis. We also provide individual, family, and marital counseling. Also prevention activities and substance abuse education. Assessments for referrals to an inpatient setting if needed.

All information is kept strictly confidential.


Business Office

It is the goal of the Business Office department to perform quality timely filing of insurance with accountability and accuracy.

The Business Office is responsible for billing your insurance. Please keep us informed with your insurance changes. When we receive payment, that money is put back into the clinic to better serve you and your needs.

The deductible and co-pays are written off. We would never bill you for the balance due.

If you need to be sent to a specialist through Contract Health, using your insurance at the clinic helps with the balance due that Contract Health would have to pay.



It is the goal of the Nursing department to provide quality nursing care to the patients.

The department manager is a Registered Nurse.

There are four Licensed Practical Nurses that are responsible for screening the patient, doing the vital signs, checking for allergies, checking immunization status, and medication lists prior to the patient seeing the physician. Also give injections as ordered by the physician. They assist the physicians with procedures and treatments. Assist the patients with any questions they may have about their visit.

The nursing staff receive many phone calls. When the staff is in exam rooms taking care of a patient, you may have to leave a message for them to call you back.

Nursing staff check the lab orders prior to the appointment to make sure the tests ordered are what the physician still wants for the coming visit.

They ensure that lab results and x-ray reports ordered by outside providers are faxed to them upon completion of the tests.



It is the goal of the radiology department to perform services with optimum accuracy, precision, efficiency and safety.

The department manager is an AART Registered Radiographer.

The Radiology department provides Digital Imaging Service, the most advanced technology available.

The department uses teleradiology with an off-site radiology group. Utilizing this technology, the radiologist report is commonly available in the Electronic Health Record within a couple of hours.
The physicians are able to view our patients x-rays from computer workstations located throughout the clinic and Merle Boyd Center. Although the radiology department is now “filmless” and “paperless”, the patients can be provided with a hard copy or a CD of their x-ray images for referral purposes.

Within the Black Hawk Health Center we also have other services:

Contract Health Services

It is the goal of the Contract Health Services department to find qualified health care professionals to continue the care of our patients, and to process claims accurately and efficiently.

This program is funded under the Indian Health Services; Department of Health and Human Services, and covers contracted quality health/medical care for qualifying individuals.

Some services are not covered though Contract Health. If you have any questions about what is covered or not covered please call Contract Health.


Home address and tribe is used to help determine if you are eligible for Contract Health Services.