Capitol Police

The once labeled group of individuals called “Security”, is one of the oldest service providing section or department on the Sac and Fox Nation Tribal Grounds, now upgraded and named the Capitol Police in 2003, safeguards life and property of the Sac and Fox Nation against violators and violations of law, maintaining efficient security and police services through mandatory training and being knowledgeable of all laws, policy, and procedures.

Before most office structures on the Sac and Fox Nation Reservation were built, different tribal members performed security efforts in safeguarding property and person living within the community of Sac and Fox, which years before had residences and streets exactly where most of the buildings stand in the vicinity of the administrative building today.

Today Capitol Police Department has 4 employees, which are made up of – 1 supervisor and 3 patrol officers, and is under the supervision of the Sac and Fox Nation Police Department, which the Chief of Police has directorship. Before 2003, most officers/employees were not trained sufficiently in the area of police/security duties but did attend yearly firearms certification training. Today the Nation deems it necessary to train all individuals applying for employment with the Sac and Fox Capitol Police Section/Department – so that general knowledge of methods and objectives of security and police work are adhered to, through appropriate training.

Capitol Police Section/Department Duties

  • Enforces tribal, state, and federal criminal laws, regulations, procedures, and their amendments.
  • Patrols buildings and tribal grounds, examining building entrance doors and windows to determine security, checking electrical office equipment, appliances, and lights in offices, which were left on – this to help prevent fires and preserve energy.
  • Prevents and discourages criminal activity, warning violators of rule infractions and if necessary apprehend or telephone for assistance in case of emergency – for Sac and Fox Nation Police.
  • Watches for and reports irregular activities notifies supervisor and/or police or fire department by police radio/telephone for assistance in case of emergency.
  • Answers inquiries and gives directions to employees and the general public, allows authorized persons in or out of buildings and property, through proper procedure and coordination of all committees, employees, and or groups that have meetings within the tribal facilities.
  • A representative for the Sac and Fox Nation after-hours – 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. weekdays & weekends around the clock to include holidays – when the offices are closed. These Officers are the front-line employees that keep watch over the Nation’s grounds and properties, receiving people onto the grounds, directing, giving information, lending assistance, and being a goodwill ambassador.

The Capitol Police Officer does many extra things for the Nation that doesn’t reflect in his/her job description but is always around to help in all ways, without this special section/department, people would be lost in getting things done, especially when special events happen such as; Pow-Wows, General Council and Special Activities on grounds. The Capitol Police Section/Department continues to secure, protect, and serve the Sac and Fox Nation.